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To some people, moss and mistletoe are beautiful but to the trees they are detrimental. It is hard to distinguish mistletoe from normal growth because they are both green in color. Mistletoe is a dangerous pathogen to the tree. Mistletoe is an airborne pathogen that destroys the tree from the inside out by stealing water and nutrients by stealing much needed water and nutrients. Mistletoe is an air borne pathogen that destroys the tree from the inside out by stealing water and nutrients.

Ball and Spanish Moss are both spores. They both attach themselves to the limbs. Spanish moss also steals the light the limb needs for the production of chlorophyll and when wet, will stress a limb to the point of breakage.

If you are looking to get rid of tree moss, Bam Tree Services is the tree contractor with the tools for the job. We work on residential and commercial projects and can help you with demossing in Altamonte Springs FL, Longwood, Maitland, Lake Mary, and Winter Park areas, during planting, irrigation installation, or any time you need.

At Bam Tree Services we recommend demossing whenever it gets thick and you can't see through the center of the tree. Getting rid of moss will keep your trees from dying. When we are called in we remove as much of the moss as possible with, 60% removal being the standard. If not, the top of the tree dies first, because it is the last place fed. This is the result of the pathogens, and has a snowball effect that affects the rest of the tree until it is completely dead. It's best to be proactive, not reactive.

If you are looking for quick demossing in Altamonte Springs, FL, turn to Bam Tree Services. Schedule a free estimate today.

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